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Retirement Plan Administration

Retirement plans are often a great way for both employers and employees to gain wealth and financial security for retirement, but these plans also come with their own unique set of rules, regulations, and challenges.

At Mitchell & Associates, we believe a well-structured retirement plan is an effective tool for attracting and retaining quality employees and for allowing business owners to build a personal retirement savings in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you are young or just wishing you were younger, assuring a financially-secure retirement is up to you, regardless of your current compensation.

As a business owner, there are countless decisions you make today that will have a long and lasting effect on your lifestyle in the years to come. We can help you navigate and manage all the variables associated with planning for your retirement. From plan design and implementation, to employee education, to recordkeeping and compliance, our professional staff has the ability to give you the most cost-effective solutions for you and your business. Because no one knows what the future holds, we believe it is our role as your CPA to help you save for your retirement today.

Mitchell & Associates serves as a third-party administrator (TPA) for retirement plans. TPAs help with the design, launch, and ongoing management of a retirement plan. We provide the following retirement plan services:

  • Plan design and implementation
  • Enrollment assistance
    • Plan eligibility verification for employees
    • Employee educational meetings
  • Plan recordkeeping and funding allocations
  • ERISA compliance testing
  • Compliance reporting
  • Form 5500 preparation
  • Distribution calculations and 1099-R Preparation
  • Participant loan administration

We know there are numerous types of retirement plans from which you can choose. We administer a variety, including:

  • 401(k)s (traditional or safe harbor, pre-tax or Roth)
  • Profit-sharing plans
  • SIMPLE IRA plan
  • Money purchase plans
  • SEPs and Keoghs

It is never too late to start planning for your retirement or to change your company’s benefit package. If you want to live the same lifestyle in retirement or have an even better one than you do now, you need to start planning. As a CPA firm, we can help you navigate through these complex issues and help you achieve a retirement and benefit bundle that will not break the bank but will still benefit you and your employees.

Our team receives annual training on retirement plan accounting and tax changes to ensure that our firm provides quality, up-to-date services. Our primary goals for you are not just fulfilling governmental compliance tasks, but also helping you meet your personal wealth potential.

Contact us if you are interested in allowing us to help you reach your retirement and business benefit goals.