Are you a 501(c) organization? If you are, then you know not-for-profit organizations are faced every day with complex questions regarding tax and accounting issues requiring specialized knowledge and careful attention.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has strict guidelines for charity and not-for-profit compliance in reporting, filings, and maintaining tax exemption status. However, the main purpose of the not-for-profit organization should be supporting the community or cause at the heart of its mission, not grappling with these complicated issues. Our team has a wealth of experience in properly addressing the matters facing not-for-profits, and we provide real value.

At Mitchell & Associates we support our local, state and regional not-for-profits organizations in Kentucky and the surrounding Tri-state area so they can continue doing what they do best: providing services and support to our community and their members.

We understand the challenges of making the best use of available resources, growing to support more services, remaining financially viable and providing accountability. Our practical hands-on experience means we can identify with your day-to-day management issues and operational concerns.

We are committed to providing the best services for the not-for-profit sector. Donate some time to see if our contribution to your organization can make a difference. Contact Mitchell & Associates today.