Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Retail

Whether you’re a major manufacturing company, a mid-size distributions company, or a small mom-and-pop retail store, Mitchell & Associates works to achieve a thorough and complete understanding of your specific business and its needs.

To be successful, it’s essential to work with a business advisor who understands the nuances of your industry and the operational issues faced. Any accounting firm can provide general tax, assurance and accounting services, but only a few can offer the specific advice needed to put your company in an optimal position.

We know manufacturing companies face a number of challenges: pricing and competitive pressures, product quality, inventory management, job costing and process optimization, to name a few. We work with a number of manufacturers varying from emerging entities serving domestic markets to large manufacturers serving markets worldwide.

We understand wholesale and distribution processes are concerned with controlling transportation and warehousing costs, which are primary drivers of profitability. There are some things you can’t control, such as demand and market activity, so it becomes even more critical and urgent to have timely and accurate reporting when margins are slim due to competition.

We appreciate how retail businesses must work hard to stay competitive in the market, so they can attract new customers and increase profits. They have to deal with customer demands of better products, at a faster rate and at a lower cost.

Whether your business lies in the production, distribution, or retailing of marketable goods, you know it’s in your best interest to know your consumers and know them well, and the same principles apply to us. To provide fine-tuned accounting and tax services to the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail industries, we make every effort to know our clients well, address their needs and concerns, and understand the unique aspects of their individual businesses. While we provide traditional tax, payroll and accounting services, what sets us apart is the entrepreneurial manner in which they are delivered. Our services in this industry are vast and varied.

Let Mitchell and Associates produce, deliver, and sell you a plan for how we can help your business.